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Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in March, 2020, a whole new audience and community joined us online. While many of us missed the hugs, care, and close friendship that comes with in-person gatherings, some of us needed to meet God while staying at home. Some of us are at risk for COVID-19, some of us had a bad experience with a church in past, some have strong preferences for privacy, live or traveling far away, lack transportation, or have become sick or immobile. Whatever the reason, we hope that God would speak to you and draw you closer to Jesus Christ through these videos of the services that were broadcast live on the dates below. The broadcasts have been from the pastor's home because of Hawaii's stay-at-home order, but will eventually be from the HCC worship facilities. Please also consider joining us live on Facebook on Sundays at 10:45 AM, where people encourage and greet each other through the live comments.

november 15, 2020

november 8, 2020

october 25, 2020

october 18, 2020

october 11, 2020

October 4, 2020

september 20, 2020