When God moves, there is great power. After a series of evangelistic meetings among the Japanese, testimonies of miraculous healing, and long periods of fasting and prayer, a revival had swept through a church in the late 1920's. That church was the Waialae Holiness Church, and as a result of that church's growth, the new Honolulu Holiness Church was formed in 1932 (later to be called Honolulu Christian Church). English ministries began within the first couple of years, mainly for children and youth.

In the 1940's and 50's there was substantial growth, leading to the need for a new "home" for God's family. The church moved from Moiliili St. to Alexander St., then to Heulu St. in Makiki. By 1959, the church purchased and moved to the current property on Oahu Ave. In the 1960's the church built a new worship center. In the 1970's, a radio ministry was started, and there was tremendous growth among youth and university students through the church's gospel ministry on the University of Hawaii, Manoa, campus. By the 1980's, many of these young people entered into full-time gospel ministry and long-term missionary service. The new educational building at the Oahu campus was completed during this time, to accommodate the growing ministry. With growth comes the birth of new churches as well. The Pearl City Highland Holiness Church (now West Oahu Christian Church) was started by a group from HCC in the 1970s.

Through its life, HCC has had periods of victory and periods of challenges. In God's eyes, both are periods of growth. Like a tree, that bears all its leaves and fruit in the summer, and then endures all its barrenness in the winter, the life of a church too has its seasons of summer and winter. It's all part of God's faithful plan to nurture and grow His people, Christ's Church. Today, we are in a season of spring. Consider joining this local family of God with all the new life, hope, love, and dreams that this season brings.